Rise in Cremations and the State of the Deathcare Industry

Jan 28, 2022 Lynn Blake

The United States deathcare industry today is comprised of 18,874 funeral homes and crematoriums generating $16B in revenue. They employ 141,002 people who offer funeral planning, body prep and cremation services. Nearly 90% of these facilities are still family owned and each serves approximately 113 families a year on average. Crematoriums are both owned by …

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New DD2000-XLC at 2019 NFDA

Sep 24, 2019 Lynn Blake

Link will be featuring its new DD2000-XLC Double-Deck System at the 2019 NFDA Convention. The DD200-XLC is the industry’s first double-deck system, as well as the first deck capable of accommodating oversized cots. This deck system fits inside most popular cargo vans and can accommodate standard or oversized cremation containers, four standard cots, four cremation …

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Adding Safety and Efficiency at 2018 NFDA

Oct 8, 2018 Lynn Blake

Link will be showcasing the SS150XL Single Deck system, Flower Cart systems and Casket Truck systems. If you’re attending the NFDA Convention, please stop by to discuss how we can put our 20 years of experience to work to make your business safer and more efficient, while adding a sophisticated, professional touch.

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Helping New Faces at 2017 NFDA

Nov 2, 2017 Lynn Blake

Funeral service has traditionally been a male-dominated and family owned. NFDA released a report challenging both of those trends; stating 60% of mortuary science students were currently female and most graduates currently do not have family members working in funeral service industry. Many Link Mortuary Equipment products are designed with the sole purpose lower cost …

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Important Trends at 2015 NFDA

Oct 28, 2015 Lynn Blake

The National Funeral Directors Association (NFDA) Convention & Expo is known as the world’s largest event for funeral related products and services. Link has attended the expo for more than 20 years, showcasing our mortuary and funeral services equipment while taking the opportunity to speak face-to-face with our customers, gaining insight into how to improve …

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