Providing Professional Style and Protection

The SR50 Suburban Ramp provides the protection and professionalism required by today’s mortuary transport industry. The sturdy ramp is designed to protect the vehicle from damages often obtained while loading and unloading cots. One person can easily load cots, air trays and caskets with the aid of glide strips, which come standard on the suburban ramp.

When in use, the solid 3/16" aluminum ramp folds over the rear bumper, minimizing damages while maximizing professional appearance. When not in use, the ramp folds up and out of the way. Full seating access is available while the system is in place.

Transform almost any suburban into a first call vehicle in a matter of seconds with no necessary modification. Simply snap the system into place utilizing components standard in the rear of suburban vehicles. This system’s design will speak to your credibility as a professional in the industry, combining a clean vehicle appearance and a high quality, attractive ramp.


  • 2 cots loaded in suburban using SR50 suburban ramp

    First Call Vehicle Capabilities

    The SR50 Ramp transforms most suburbans into a first call vehicle with minimal installation required.

  • SR50 Suburban Ramp folded up for travel

    Convenient Storage

    When the ramp isn’t in use, it hinges up and out of the way, allowing for the rear door to be closed and third row seats to be used.

  • Loading cot into suburban with SR50 suburban ramp

    Bumper Protection

    A Solid 3/16” aluminum ramp folds down over the vehicle's bumper to prevent damage while loading and unloading mortuary containers.

  • 2 cots secured on SR50 Suburban ramp

    Professional Appearance

    The design of the ramp system utilizes materials that will speak to your credibility as a professional in the industry.

  • Casket loaded on SR50 suburban deck system

    Dependable Ramp and Glide Strips

    The dependable aluminum ramp with glide strips make loading easier while protecting the vehicle.


Note: The width and length dimensions listed are for the ramp.

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