CX100 Exhaust Fan

Prevent oder situations in your cargo van with Link's CX100 exhaust fan. The fan is installed in the rear cargo area of full-size cargo vans. When active, the fan will displace the air at a rate of 100 CFM, removing unpleasant orders. For the convenience of the owner, access to the fan's controls are available in the cab, allowing for displacement of the air prior to accessing the cargo area.

CL20 Cargo Light Kit

Working at night from a cargo van can be difficult as the interior rear cargo space is often poorly lit. As a solution, Link offers the CL20 Cargo Light Kit. The kit comes with three lights, two for the interior rear cargo space, one for the rear door. The interior lights illuminate the rear cargo hold, allowing for full sight while working inside. The flood light brightens the area behind the van, allowing for external work at all hours of the night.

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Deck Kits

Link's deck kits are made to protect you and your vehicle by increasing the utility of your deck. Cot cups and cot post tips protect the vehicle's interior from gouging and scratching, increasing the longevity of the vehicle and the cots. Glide strips and skid bars facilitate in loading mortuary containers into vehicles, lowering both the effort required and the wear and tear to the vehicle.

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3 sets of cot cups