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The SS150 Single Deck System is designed to be used in nearly any minivan, cargo van and full-sized SUV. Engineered specifically to meet the needs of the mortuary industry, the deck allows one person to load, unload and transport one casket, two air trays or two cots.

The sealed fiberglass deck system prevents interior damage to the vehicle and acts as a washable tray for easy sanitation. Recessed cot cups and adjustable bier pins come standard to allow cots and caskets to be safely secured. Each deck includes a ramp that folds over the bumper, protecting the vehicle from damage while loading and unloading. When the rear door is closed, the ramp hinges and stores vertically.

The deck’s attractive styling and quality construction enhances both the long-term value of your vehicle and the vehicle’s use. These distinct features make the SS150 and SS150XL one of the most reliable and durable deck systems in the industry.


  • Casket secured on SS150 single deck

    Transporting Capabilities

    The single deck system can safely transport two standard cremation containers, two cots, one air tray or one casket.

  • SS150 deck rendering

    Washable Fiberglass Deck

    Each deck is made of extruded aluminum and sealed fiberglass, both protecting the vehicle’s floor and allowing for sanitation if necessary.

  • Loading cot onto SS150 using bumper ramp

    High-Impact Bumper Ramp

    A ramp at the rear of the deck hinges down to protect the vehicle’s bumper. The ramp stores vertically when the rear door is closed.

  • Cot secured on SS150 single deck

    Recessed Aluminum Cot Cups

    Solid cast aluminum cot cups help prevent cots from shifting during transport.

  • SS150 loaded with two cots

    Deck for First Call Vehicles

    Transform nearly any vehicle into a first call vehicle with little modification.


Note: The weight listed includes the ramp.

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Note: SS150 or SS150XL fits in most older model cargo vans. Call us today for a full investigation.

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The robust SS150XL Single Deck System is the most reliable deck in the industry, featuring the ability to carry two standard cremation containers, two cots, one air tray or one casket. Four casket rollers aid in loading and unloading, making this the perfect deck system for your vehicle.

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