CR60 Roller

A lower cost alternative to similar chrome-plated products, the CR60 Link Roller facilitates loading and unloading caskets, air trays and combo units into and from the vehicle. The unit is made from a durable nylon material, ensuring the reliability and longevity of the product. To prevent leaking, the roller frame is completely enclosed. Paired with a removable roller, the unit is quick and easy to clean. The Link Roller is a choice roller for mortuary decks.

DNR Roller

Link DNR rollers aid in the process of loading and unloading caskets, air trays and combo units from mortuary vehicles. Commonly found in hearses, these rollers are chrome plated for durability and longevity. The roller frame is completely enclosed, preventing leaking and making cleanup simple. DNR Rollers can be bought to install in a deck or replace current rollers.

Skid Bar

Loading and unloading caskets from a hearse can place strain on the loader and the vehicle. As a solution to this issue, Link introduced its skid bars. Installed in a few simple steps, these skid bars facilitate the loading of caskets into hearses. The gliding motion removes the friction from the vehicle's interior, lowering both the effort required for loading and the wear and tare on the hearse.


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