Enhancing Mortuary Equipment

Link's accessories improve the safety, security, convenience and performance of your mortuary equipment. All available products are compatible with Link’s Deck Families, allowing for easy replacement and substitution.

A chrome plated bier pin

Bier Pin Kits

Caskets come in a variety of sizes and styles, taking up differing amounts of space in the transport vehicle. Protect caskets, the vehicle, and occupants with bier pins and plates. These kits secure caskets in place during travel, preventing unwanted movement in the rear of the vehicle.

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BH100 Bulkhead

Bulkhead System

Prevent unwanted objects from entering the cabin of a cargo van. Link's bulkhead system provides necessary separation between the cargo area of the vehicle and the cabin.

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2 Cargo Lights

Cargo Kits

Link offers several solutions for the rear cargo area of cargo vans. Link's exhaust fan removes and prevents unpleasant odor solutions from the cargo area. The cargo light kit installs in the rear cargo area, illuminating both the interior and rear of the vehicle to allow for nighttime work.

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3 sets of cot cups

Deck Kits

Link's deck kits are made to protect you and your vehicle by increasing the utility of your deck. Cot cups and cot post tips protect the vehicle's interior from gouging and scratching, increasing the longevity of the vehicle and the cots. Glide strips and skid bars facilitate in loading mortuary containers into vehicles, lowering both the effort required and the wear and tear to the vehicle.

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2 CR60 casket rollers

Roller Kits

Rollers aid in the process of loading and unloading caskets, air trays and combo units from a variety of mortuary vehicles. Features like durable materials, quality construction and coatings make these kits an excellent addition to mortuary deck systems.

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