Bier Pin Plates

Bier pin plates are installed directly on a mortuary deck, ensuring minimal movement when caskets are secured. Link offers four sizes of plates: 1 hole, 2 hole, 5 hole and 10 hole, ensuring that secure transport of all sizes of caskets is possible in a wide variety of vehicles. Link bier pin plates are specifically engineered to work with 1/2" round-hole, hexagon cut-out bier pins. Made with high-quality, durable materials, Link bier pin plates are built to last.

Adjustable Bier Pins

Caskets come in many sizes. Secure caskets in your vehicle to the exact measurement with Link Adjustable Bier Pins. If the placement of the bier pin plate holes are just off with the casket, leaving minute space between the casket and the pin, perfect stability can be achieved by adjusting the pin's dial. Made with high quality, durable materials, Link Adjustable Bier pins are built to last.

Stationary Bier Pin

Securing caskets in the back of a mortuary vehicle is a must. Prevent caskets form movement during transit with Link Stationary Bier Pins. Once in place, these pins will secure nearly any casket, preventing shifting and sliding. Protect caskets and the vehicle with Link Bier Pins. Made with high quality, durable materials, Link Stationary Bier Pins are built to serve.


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