Protecting Your Investment

Link's HD150 Hearse Deck provides distinct advantages for funeral directors. Vehicle protection, mortuary container security and an aid for professional appearance, combined with the reliability and durability Link is known to provide results in a longer vehicle life and a lower cost of ownership.

This durable deck system installs in the rear of a hearse, protecting the surfaces that regularly come into contact with coffins, cots and air trays. A rubber mat extends over the vehicle's bumper, preventing scratches and scrapes that occur during the loading and unloading of mortuary containers.

Easily load, unload, and secure many forms of mortuary containers with this hearse deck. A bier pin system allows for container securing, preventing unwanted movement that could result in interior damage during transit. The quality materials and professional appearance of the HD150 single deck system lengthens the value of the hearse while speaking to the credibility of the owner.


  • HD150 Hearse Deck in Hearse rendering

    Long Lasting Protection

    The durable aluminum framework of this deck system ensures reliable protection from regular contact.

  • HD150 hearse deck with casket

    Professional Appearance

    The design of the hearse deck system utilizes materials that will speak to your credibility as a professional in the industry.

  • Loading a cot on HD150 Hearse Deck

    Bumper Protection

    The deck includes a rubber mat that extends over the vehicle’s bumper, preventing scratches that occurs during loading and unloading.

  • HD150 Hearse Deck


    At only 58 lbs, the deck isn’t cumbersome for installation and does not add much weight to the vehicle.


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The SS150 Single Deck System is designed to be used in nearly any minivan, cargo van and full-sized SUV. Engineered specifically to meet the needs of the mortuary industry, the deck allows one person to load, unload and transport one casket, two air trays or two cots. The sealed fiberglass deck system prevents interior damage to the vehicle.

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