Cot Cups

Cot posts tend to gouge and tear at vehicle interiors during loading, unloading and during transport. Link's cot cups increase the length of the value of mortuary vehicles, preventing the damage caused by cot tips. Cot cups lock cots into place, preventing shifting during transport. Each cup is made with durable solid-cast aluminum, allowing it to withstand wear and tear over time. Engineered for easy installation, Link Cot Cups minimize downtime for the vehicle while increasing its longevity.

CPT20 Cot Post Tip

Traditional cot post tips have a short lifespan and a tendency to gouge and tear at the interior of vehicles. Link's solution is our CPT20 Cot Post Tips. These tips are made out of durable materials that will outlast the traditional soft rubber cane tips. Unlike the traditional tips, Link's cot tips will protect both the cot and the surfaces they contact, preventing scratching, gouging, and general wear and tare. A single screw secures the tip in place on the leg for simple instillation. For the best protection of your vehicle's interior, pair the CPT20 with Link's Cot Cups.

GS20 Glide Strips

Loading mortuary containers into vehicles can be cumbersome and require a great deal of effort. GS20 Glide strips aid in loading caskets, air trays and combo units into mortuary vehicles. Glide Strips lower the friction against the vehicle's interior, allowing the containers to glide across the surface of the deck. This requires less effort on the loader's behalf, saving time and increasing safety. Installing the strips only takes a few simple steps, so that one can load and unload with ease in just a short period of time. Glide strips are available in lengths of 8' for your convenience.


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