Transporting Flowers with Ease

Flowers are a beautiful addition to any showroom. Safely and efficiently transport plants and flowers in and out of funeral homes with Link's FC40 Flower Cart. Each cart can carry up to 16 plants and flowers, saving funeral directors valuable time and effort with fewer necessary trips. The cart is a manageable size, easily fitting through doors and entryways. The flower cart comes standard with two FT2234 flower trays, which were created to compliment the carts. The durable frame and quality construction ensures that directors will be able to use the flower cart for years to come.


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Flower Tray

Link created the versatile FT2234 Flower Tray to give funeral directors the ability to transport flowers of all varieties safely and efficiently. Each tray comes with a "No Spill" divider system to keep flowers upright and separate. Link's flower tray comes in a universal size that pairs perfectly with Link's Flower Cart.

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FT2234 Flower Tray