Your Safety Is Our Priority

Link’s pledge is to lead with humility by putting your safety first. We focus on improving daily operations of funeral directors and livery operators with a complete line of dependable, purposeful, and safety conscious products. Our products put an emphasis on demonstrating respect for the deceased and the services our customers provide.

Link deck products protect and secure cots, containers and caskets when transporting and loading. Link leads the market in offering deck products which safely transport the deceased while protecting the long-term value of the operational vehicle. In choosing Link, morticians benefit from the enhanced vehicle efficiency, cost-effective interior protection and improvement in operational safety during transport activity.

Commitment To Safety Initiatives

Link keeps up-to-date on mortuary and commercial transportation compliance requirements. We focus on safety initiatives and how new compliance requirements affect your safety.

Tested & Proven Products

Product testing is performed with Link’s in-house simulators. The test results quickly guide engineering to evaluate durability and necessary modifications required to provide exceptional product performance.

Invested In Safety

Link strives to create an environment that encourages workplace audits and safety training. Adequate resources are committed to safety to ensure employees actually have the time available for long-term safety programs.