Exceeding the Demands of the Mortuary Industry

Engineered with safety and efficiency in mind, Link offers a family of Double Deck Systems for cargo vans. The Double Deck Family doubles the available space of your vehicle while providing a powered upper deck, allowing safe transport by one person. The features of Link Deck Systems create the most reliable and durable deck systems in the industry.

DD2000-XLC unit


The DD2000-XLC is an engineered double deck system that incorporates the capability to secure a standard and oversized cot side-by-side. The system allows four cremation containers, four cots, two air trays, or two caskets to be transported safely by one person. Combined with a powered upper deck, the DD2000-XLC is one of the most reliable and durable deck systems in the industry.

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DD4000 Casket Hauler rendering


The DD4000 Casket Transporter incorporates several distinctive features. The two engineered decks allow four caskets to be transported safely and efficiently by one person. The powered upper deck tilts up and down in seconds, allowing one person to easily load and transport caskets. Interchangeable and adjustable bier pins allow you to manage different casket sizes on both decks for nearly any job.

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DD-EX2 long deck length rendering


The DD-EX is the only double deck system engineered to fit a mid-sized cargo van. The system allows four cots, three cremation containers, or two air trays to be transported safely by one person. The system increases vehicle efficiency by doubling the carrying capacity while minimizing mileage costs required for multiple transport trips.

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