CT400 Casket Truck

The CT400 Casket Truck gives funeral directors an efficient means of casket transportation while delivering the professional appearance they desire. The durable steel framework provides a sturdy, reliable transport surface. A powder-coat finish prevents rusting and minor damages to the frame. Combined, the quality framework and powder-coat finish ensures long-term use of the truck.

When paired with the available drape attachment, the truck doubles as a display truck, saving funeral directors valuable time. The clean, professional appearance ensures the environment that funeral directors require. Quality engineering and materials make the CT400 Casket Truck a premium choice for your funeral transport needs.

D400 Drape Attachment

The D400 drape attachment provides funeral directors with both efficiency and attractive finishes. Made to pair with the CT400 casket truck, this drape allows the same casket truck used for transport to double as a display truck. Made with high-quality, durable fabrics, the drape attachment will quickly and efficiently provide a professional appearance for any showroom. The drape is available in four colors: black, burgundy, hunter green and navy blue. The D400 drape attachment is a perfect pair to your casket truck, enhancing both your showroom styling and your efficiency.


Note: The CT400 EX is a bracket extension kit which attaches to a CT400 casket truck (length includes CT400 casket truck).

Product Codes

Note: D400 drape attachment fits CT400 casket truck with the bracket extension kit.

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