SIOUX CENTER, Iowa, USA (February 6, 2024) – Link Mortuary Equipment, the leader in transport deck systems for the funeral profession, announced the release of new Kia Carnival mount kits for SS150 and SS150XL. The Kit will be available for purchase from certified Link Mortuary Equipment dealers starting February 6, 2024.

SS150XL in rear of vehicle

Kia Carnival has been named as a luxury multi-purpose vehicle with a bold and boxy SUV-like design. Staking claim on the unoccupied space between SUV and minivan, the Carnival features best-in-class interior space, delivering a premium level of refinement, savvy technology, and flexibility.

Link identified marketplace usage of the Kia Carnival and set to creating a mount kit for the SS150XL and SS150 single deck systems. Link continuously strives to provide deck options for vehicles within the profession, desiring to give all funeral directors and morticians the option of a safer and easier way to transport cots, cremation containers, air trays and caskets.

“The Kia Carnival is beginning to disrupt the SUV and minivan vehicle segment. It is gaining traction within the mortuary profession,” said Lynn Blake, Senior Account Manager for Link Mortuary Equipment. “With high vehicle availability, directors and morticians can obtain the vehicle without long lead times. Following this trend, Link proactively designed and verified a mount kit for our popular single deck.”
SS150XL Single Deck System

Link first introduced single deck system for first call vehicles in 1992. The system accommodates the loading of two standard cots, two standard cremation containers, one air tray or one casket when fully loaded. The decks provide ultimate transportation convenience for morticians and funeral directors. Each deck features cot cups and an adjustable bier pin system so cots, cremation containers, and caskets of any size can be safely secured while the vehicle is in motion. A ramp at the rear of the deck hinges down over the bumper, providing a smooth transition for cots and containers into the vehicle while also protecting the vehicle’s bumper from impacts associated with typical loading and unloading.

The SS150XL has an additional feature that streamlines the loading process for users. Four nylon casket rollers are included on the deck, reducing required force to load and unload cremation containers, air trays or caskets.

“Link is dedicated to continuously providing deathcare professionals with solutions for safer and convenient remains transportation. The new mount kit supports professionals across their field,” said Lynn Blake.
Specs for SS150XL mount kit for Kia Carnival

The Kia Carnival mount kit comes with front and rear supports and is mounted using retention straps connected to pre-existing seat mount catches. Each deck is made with extruded aluminum and sealed fiberglass, weighing approximately 145 pounds. Refer to installation instructions to determine which tiedowns are utilized.

Link Mortuary Equipment is available and can be ordered through Link’s nationwide network of dealers. For more information on the Kia Carnival SS150 and SS150XL mount kits or to find a dealer, please call (800) 248-3057.

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