SIOUX CENTER, Iowa, USA (September 1, 1999) – Link Mortuary Equipment, the leader in transport deck systems for the funeral profession, introduced its new DD200 Double Deck apparatus. The newest in Link’s Double Deck transport products, the DD200 doubles the carrying capacity most of cargo vans.

With technological advances, the DD200 is designed to replace the FH4. The DD200 is the industry’s first double deck apparatus designed with actuators to power the raising and lowering of the upper deck. The apparatus will allow users to load and transport up to 4 standard-sized cots, two on each level, or two caskets when fully loaded.

Engineer drawing of DD200

The DD200 Double Deck apparatus features an electric powered upper deck that can be raised and lowered with a switch on the conveniently located rear control box. Complete with a bumper ramp, Link’s Double Deck apparatus allows one person to easily load, transport and unload mortuary containers and cots unassisted.

Transporting removal cots and mortuary containers with care and respect is made easier with the DD200’s built in features. Both decks feature interchangeable and adjustable bier pins, allowing a single user to stow, secure and manage caskets, cremation containers and air trays. To ensure that cots do not shift during transport, the decks are fabricated with recessed cot cups and straps.

The engineered deck frame ensures structural integrity during loading, transport and unloading. The durable decks are fitted with polyethylene strips to protect the surface from wear and tear during loading and unloading while reducing friction so containers transition effortlessly into position for travel.

The DD200 Double Deck apparatus is designed with its users in mind, helping them meet and maintain their high standards of professionalism and integrity while performing their duty with respect and care. The apparatus is designed to fit in most popular cargo van makes and models.

For details on purchasing and installation of the DD200 Double Deck apparatus, please call (800) 222-6283.

About Link Mortuary Equipment

A division of Link MFG., Ltd., Link Mortuary Equipment develops and manufactures an extensive line of transport deck systems to address the unique needs of mortuaries, funeral homes, crematoriums, cemeteries, coroners, medical examiners, morgues, donor programs, medical institutions and the U.S. military. Link is a American-based, ISO 14001: 2015 (EMS) certified company. Link is a worldwide leader in manufacturing transport deck systems for SUV, vans and coach vehicles.

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